GEOXPLORA Technology Co., Ltd.

Our Story

Founded in 2000, Huahui GEOXPLORA is a high-tech company with the world’s leading technology in the field of underground detection and has won the National High-Tech Enterprise and the Small Giant Enterprise(Specializing in Special and New Technologies) certificates. Huahui GEOXPLORA’s research findings are in the leading position in the world. Company has obtained a total of 82 international and domestic patents and software copyrights and has published more than 20 professional papers.

Huahui GEOXPLORA has more than 60 research and technical personnel, covering various disciplines such as Algorithm, Geophysical Prospecting, Logging, Geology and Engineering Technology.

Jilin University

Huahui GEOXPLORA established the “Joint Research Center of Intelligent Detection Information Technology” with Jilin University.

Focusing on innovative research and development of earth exploration instruments, data processing and interpretation methods, and obtaining innovative achievements in the field of Electromagnetic Wave Detection.

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We Co-operate
Yulin Wang
CEO  Founder

In this era of transformation, we maintain our pursuit of innovation, nurture talent, meet customer demands, exceed expectations, and earn trust. We strive for progress while actively fulfilling our social responsibilities, committing to environmental protection, public welfare, and education.

Facing challenges, we become more resilient and robust, staying competitive in a fiercely competitive market while achieving sustainable growth. Let us explore together in this ocean of knowledge, continuously acquire new knowledge, enhance our professional competence, embrace change, pursue excellence, and work diligently towards creating a better future!

Liye Cui
CTO   Director
A rigorous and conscientious attitude, along with a spirit of unity and cooperation, are the keys to success. Always maintain a sense of reverence for work. Unite with colleagues, work hand in hand, overcome difficulties together, and achieve better results. The power of an individual is limited, but the power of a team is boundless. Let us move forward together and create a brilliant future.